A few breeds of minis that can be obtained in Powerpets

Minis are companions to your pet in Powerpets, and can only be obtained by hatching an Evolutions Egg. Like pets, they need to be cared for, can have armour added to them and have their colours changed by means of Mini Fur Rinses. They also have their very own city, Mini City, where players can go to add armour and to obtain special slime items that cannot be obtained anywhere else. At present there are 33 breeds of minis on Powerpets, each with their own respective egg.

How to obtain a miniEdit

  1. Complete and obtain petpedias and encyclopedias that are found in Powerpets
  2. Go to the Dark Guardian and complete the Dark Guardian Quests.
  3. When you collect all 12 pieces of the Evolutions Puzzle, take them to the Rickshaw Driver in East New Barkston. For a fee of 1000PBs, he will take you to where the map leads. The egg obtained here is entirely random.
  4. Alternatively, you can skip steps 1 to 3 and buy yourself the egg of choice.
  5. Go to the Evolutions Building in East New Barkston and begin the incubating process
    • A word of note: the hatching process stretches over six days. Each day, you will have to provide the item that the incubator asks for, before waiting for 22 hours. After this 22 hour wait, you have 14 hours to tend to the egg or else the hatching process will fail.
  6. Congratulations, now you have your very own mini!

Functions of a miniEdit

Other than being a companion to your Powerpet, minis are also needed as a requirement for Elite Status in the Power temple. In addition, you can armour your mini, which is required if players are to access the gate behind Barkchem, as only a mini can get past the gate and obtain the rewards.