Powex Nbic

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Here are some quick ways to earn powerbucks.


  1. Collect the Daily Freebie (This one is super easy to get and the fastest.)
  2. Get Free Stuff (Just takes 1 or 2 minutes to click these places.)
  3. Play Seasonal Games (Most are just 1 click).
  4. Vote in The Poll Booth.


  1. The slime you get from the Northern Woods you can exchange it for powerbucks in the Slime Compactor.
  2. Play Tux Luck (Takes about a minute. Can be played once a day and you just need to click the Spin and Stop buttons a few times.)
  3. Join board giveaways. (You will need to post in the player's board.)


  1. Apply for a loan in Eurobank using a cheap hard-to-sell unbuyable. You will get 50% of the average sale price. (Can only be done once every 30 days).
  2. On a free Bingo day, buy the Bingo stock (BING) in POWEX.


  1. Restock.
  2. Play games.