How to go to the Daily FreebieEdit

Note: If you have already collected the Daily Freebie you will be sent to the Home page instead.

  • Log into Powerpets, if you are not logged in.
  • If you are logged in click Home from the list of links located to the left of the screen.

How to collect the Daily FreebieEdit

  1. Place your mouse cursor over the words 'Show today's gifts' and then click it.
  1. Place your mouse cursor over the item you want and then click it. The page will also display information about the last daily freebie you collected.
  1. Once you collected the daily freebie a thank you message will appear.

Available items from this areaEdit

  • Luck of the Draw Card
  • 2500 PB
  • Lucky Silver Coin
  • Job Agency Power Card
  • Chubbs Tac Toe Card
  • Box Breaker Coin

Note: Other items may appear on special occasions.