If you enjoy playing games, you can challenge other powerpets players to a game!

Challenging players is easy. Click the GAMES icon at the top, and click the CHALLENGE button.

This is the main Challenge screen. Here you can review your wins, losses, rank and last 10 challenges. At the bottom of the screen you can CREATE A CHALLENGE Select a game you wish to challenge someone in, enter their user name and the amount you wish to wager.

The Challenge Master will automatically check to see if the player is involved in another challenge, and it will predict if the player is currently on-line or not. If all goes well, the challenge will be created and the wager will be removed from your on-hands powerbucks.

After creating the challenge, you can go back to browsing the cities of Powerpets. The requested player will receive an event to indicate you have challenged them. They will have a 45 minute time window to respond. When the challenged party responds, you will receive an event. If your challenge was accepted, a game icon will appear next to the challenge. Click the icon to start the game.